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  Welcome to ALPCA!

Since 1954, our organization has been dedicated to the promotion of license plate collecting and research, the exchange of information and plates, and the fraternal benefits of sharing a common interest with others throughout the world.

We are the largest license plate collectors organization in the world. ALPCA currently has 2,686 members from 50 states and 19 countries.

Our annual international conventions are typically attended by nearly 500 collectors.

  IMPORTANT: Widespread "Heartbleed" software vulnerability - FIXED

The Heartbleed bug has affected many organizations and companies, and has been mentioned in the news. We have confirmed that ALPCA's server was vulnerable to this bug. We fully addressed the Heartbleed bug issue on April 9th, when we patched our server, and also reissued our SSL certificate with a new private key. (You can verify's status here, including verifying the April 10th (UTC/GMT) "Valid From" date of our rekeyed certificate.)

All members should request a new password, and remember to not share passwords among web sites.

For your security when using other sites, we strongly recommend the Qualys SSL Labs Server Test to check for vulnerability to Heartbleed. You can also check this list of significant sites' Heartbleed status. If you have trouble remembering your many passwords (and who doesn't?), we recommend the KeePass Password Safe software.

(Side tech note: in our Qualys SSL Labs test results, you may notice that IE6/XP, Java 6u45, and YandexBot are broken for This is by design. We no longer support the older encryption protocol required for these clients.)

  Support for Windows XP ended April 8, 2014

Both Microsoft and ALPCA ended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. If your computer came with Windows XP, it is very likely time to get a new computer.

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  IMPORTANT: Mailing list issues

The mailing list is having significant issues, due to a change made by Yahoo on April 8:

If you are an ALPCA member subscribed with a,, or email address to the ALPCA-discuss or ALPCA-announce mailing lists, there is a significant thing happening in Internet land right now that you need to be aware of.

Due to something that Yahoo has enabled that is intended to fight spam, many traditional (non-Web) mailing lists will be automatically rejected by AT&T, Comcast, Hotmail, MSN, Outlook, SBC Global, Shaw Cable, and others.

Unfortunately (and this is terrible, but I have no other choice), the only fix for this right now is to temporarily suspend all folks using Yahoo mail for ALPCA lists. This is breaking mailing lists all over the place and is not just an ALPCA issue.

As a workaround, affected members can subscribe to the list using a non-Yahoo email address, using these alpca-discuss and alpca-announce links. Please include your ALPCA member number so that we can map your address.

Members in other domains using the feature that Yahoo enabled (,,,,,,, may see messages indicating that they have been automatically unsubscribed, and including a password. (This password is not the same password used for ALPCA members-only site access.) We think that the initial storm is over, but there may be stragglers. If you get such a message, please forward it to and we will diagnose the issue.

We apologize for the trouble. You may want to consider bringing this to Yahoo's attention. So far, they have been publicly silent about the issue.

  ALPCA News

2013 Best Plate of the Year

The Best Plate of 2013, as voted by ALPCA members, is Michigan's Mackinac Bridge plate.

2014 Election Run-Off Results

Results of 2014 ALPCA election run-off are in! (member access only)

2013 Hall of Fame inductees announced

The 2013 Hall of Fame inductees are Corb Moister, George Sammeth, and Rick Schofield. Congratulations!


The upcoming ALPCA International Conventions will be:

  Upcoming Meets

Upcoming regional plate meets (next 60 days):

• Apr 26 - Gahanna, OH
• Apr 26 - Joliet, IL
• Apr 27 - Acton, ON
• Apr 27 - Flint, MI
• May 3 - Great Falls, MT
• May 3 - Greensboro, NC
• May 3 - Santa Rosa, CA
• May 3 - Security, CO
• May 3 - West Greenwich, RI
• May 10 - Cheyenne, WY
• May 10 - Marietta, GA
• May 10 - Okawville, IL
• May 17 - Kentwood, MI
• May 17 - St Petersburg, FL
• May 31 - Grossolbersdorf, Germany
• May 31 - Phoenix, AZ
• Jun 7 - Trexlertown, PA
• Jun 7 - Weldon, IA
• Jun 14 - Madison, SD
• Jun 21 - Harrisville, WV

Click here for more meet listings.

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